Fire & Rescue Services Training

The C2FPA was jointly created by 35 French airports and the Association of French Airports (UAF).

The centre based at Châteauroux is unique in Europe for both the high quality of its non-polluting simulator and for its ICAO-certified training programme. It offers airport fire and rescue services both initial and ongoing training for fire and rescue and for the prevention of animal hazards.
Recognised by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC):
  • for aviation fire and rescue training, since 21 March 2007 (Ref: CF DCS/SSLIA 2007-01)
  • for training in preventing animal hazards, since 7 August 2008 (Ref: DGAC.PPA 01-2008)
Registered since 9 July 2007 with the French Centre Region Authority for Labour, Employment and Professional Training (Ref N° 24 36 00720 36).
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