Fire & Rescue Services Training

The C2FPA was jointly created by 35 French airports and the Association of French Airports (UAF).

The centre based at Châteauroux is unique in Europe for both the high quality of its non-polluting simulator and for its ICAO-certified training programme. It offers airport fire and rescue services both initial and ongoing training for fire and rescue and for the prevention of animal hazards.



Pilot Training

Châteauroux-Centre Airport is Europe's premier pilot training site for take-off and landing procedures, performed further to  theoretical training on flight simulators.

A large number of French and European airlines, along with the French Air Force and aircraft manufacturer Airbus, carry out more than 20,000 Touch & Go manoeuvres at Châteauroux-Centre Airport every year, and in optimum safety conditions. During weekdays and at weekends, they perform an average eight Touch & Go manoeuvres per hour.