Air Center

Modification of Cabins




The 40 hectares (99 acres) of parking facilities allow for the storage of about 50 medium- and large-capacity commercial aircraft.


Maintenance and Dismantling



Bartin Aero Recycling
, a subsidiary of VEOLIA and the Vallière Aviation Group, has the only aircraft dismantling facility in Europe that is certified ISO 14000. A workforce of 20 people dismantles and recycles aircraft in conditions that meet the highest standards of protection of the environment and for ensuring security regarding the re-use of aeronautical parts. The company also optimises the volume and value of the raw materials salvaged from planes at the end of their life cycle.
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has the skills and facilities for painting aircraft of all types, from flying club planes to the largest passenger or freight aircraft, and those of every manufacturer – such as Boeing, Airbus and ATR.