Certifications and Standards

Châteauroux-Centre Airport is an approved 'Regulated Agent' since 1 January, 2000.
It is one of only very few French airports to have applied for and received the certification. Compliance with the required ICAO standards involves different technical and human requirements.
The airport added measures to ensure the security and safety of its palletization warehouse, installing a strictly controlled system of access and automatic doors, and the separation of different freight-processing zones. Its equipment was increased to include a large format freight X-ray scanner (145cms x 180cms) for controlling and ensuring the security of the very largest transport items. A specific control procedure received certification from the French Civil Aviation Authority and the personnel involved in these operations undergo a very comprehensive training programme.
With its certification as a 'Regulated Agent', Châteauroux-Centre Airport is able to offer shippers, transporters and freight agents 'secure cargo', which has become an indispensable status for the acceptance of shipments.
In liaison with the local regional office of French state veterinary services (DDSV), import shippers and their clearance agents can submit their fresh produce (such as meat and fish) for veterinary controls on the airport site. The airport is equipped with cold stores and an analysis laboratory.
In liaison with the Regional Authorities in Orléans, import shippers and their clearance agents can submit their perishable goods (such as drupaceous fruit, vegetables and flowers) for phytosanitary inspection on the airport site.
The regulations that govern the transport of dangerous goods are published by the International Air Transport Association to inform shippers and airline companies about the procedures to follow for the safe handling of such cargo on every type of aircraft.
By working within this framework of procedures, the personnel of Châteauroux-Centre Airport are qualified to process all types of goods.
Châteauroux-Centre Airport is in the process of attaining certification from the Aircarft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) in recognition that its developing activities in the dismantling and recycling of aircraft meet the international organisation's high demands for safety and respect for the environment.

Examples of dangerous goods :

  • explosives
  • inflammable liquids
  • gas
  • inflammable solids
  • corrosives
  • ...