Cargo Hub

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CHÂTEAUROUX has everything that a dedicated freight airport requires:

  • Accessibility
    Open 24/24 and 7/7. Night hours require two hours' notice. No slot – Direct access by the A20 motorway.
  • Security
    Category A international airport.
    Policed by the French National Gendarmerie Air Transport Brigade, the BGTA.
  • Rapidity and Efficiency
    The airport's infrastructure can handle all types of aircraft and all types of goods - Rapid management of import-export goods traffic – No waiting – No slot – Immediate taxiing and operations.
  • Economy
    Very competitive charges – Competitive tax and assistance costs – Shortened flight times – Free parking for planes during operations.
The Châteauroux-Centre Airport is dedicated to freight. Its essentially industrial vocation explains why its operations are so efficient and its costs so competitive.
It is a transit airport, supported by a simple and rapid road transport system to Paris and other major European capitals, many of which can be reached within eight hours by truck.
> See the Europeen motorway map with truck-journey times.

The airport's location south of Paris makes it a destination of choice for traffic from southern countries (such as those of the Mediterranean basin, Africa and the Indian Ocean), particularly for exporters of perishable goods for whom the savings in reduced flying times can equal up to 20% of rotation costs.
  • East and West terminals
  • Technical services
  • Access
  • Security/Safety
  • Tariffs
  • Customs – Transit – Road haulage
  • National and EU Border Inspection Post